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We work seriously hard but never with a serious face! We help find solutions and move forward together, always with trust.

Serving our customers

We often visit our customers' sites or promote regional affairs where we can have the most impact. The best place to find us is at the office or elsewhere by making an appointment in advance, either by phone or by e-mail.  You can also submit a contact request on our website and we will contact you as you like by the next business day.

We are constantly taking care of our expertise to provide our customers with the latest information. We also provide a voice for the municipalities and companies of the region in Finland and abroad. All our own services are free of charge.


Pasi Pitkänen.Pasi Pitkänen, Director (FI, EN)  
+358 401 356 750, pasi.pitkanen [at]  
management, regional development, lobbying, re-location services, networks



Mia Kastelli.Mia Kastelli, Administrative Specialist (FI, EN)  
+358 444 393 288, mia.kastelli [at]  
administration and finances




Mikko Rehula.Mikko Rehula, Office Assistant (FI, EN)  
+358 401 365 147, mikko.rehula [at]  
office, internal communications




Jussi Kemilä.Jussi Kemilä, Business Development Manager (FI, EN)  
+358 408 303 018, jussi.kemila [at]  
business consulting, projects, funding, transfers of ownership, re-location services, networks



Riitta Palosaari.Riitta Palosaari, Business Development Manager (FI, EN)        
+358 408 303 198, riitta.palosaari [at]  
business consulting, projects, funding, networks




Aira Meriruoko.Aira Meriruoko, Marketing Secretary 80% (FI, EN)  
+358 401 357 027, aira.meriruoko [at]  
marketing and communications, website




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Anna Uusitalo, Business Specialist 40% (FI, EN)
040 508 7667, anna.uusitalo [at] (anna[dot]uusitalo[at]kalajoki[dot]fi)
corporate social responsibility




Picture coming.

Risto Rova, Invest in Specialist (FI, EN)
040 135 6967, risto.rova [at] (risto[dot]rova[at]raahe[dot]fi)
investments and relocation




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Terhi Eteläinen.Terhi Eteläinen, Tourism Manager (FI, EN)    
+358 401 303 884, terhi.etelainen [at]    
development of tourism, networks      



Amanda Mäkynen.

Amanda Mäkynen, Tourism Marketing Specialist (FI, EN, JA)      
+358 401 308 273, amanda.makynen [at]    
communications and marketing      



Johanna Rautio.

Johanna Rautio, Project Manager (FI, EN, SV, GE, FR)    
+358 401 308 130, johanna.rautio [at] (johanna[dot]rautio[at]raahe[dot]fi)    
tourism development   



Marjo-Riitta Sipilä.

Marjo-Riitta Sipilä, Project Coordinator (FI, EN)    
+358 401 308 237, marjo-riitta.sipila [at]    
cycling tourism    



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