Processing of personal data

It is important for us that your business and personal data are secure. In addition, we want our site to work well for all users, and we have made it as easy to use and as functional as possible.

Your rights in the processing of personal data

Your data will be processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to private individuals, the Regulation also applies to the processing of personal data relating to companies, public bodies and other organisations. With regard to sole traders, the regulation applies to both business activities and private entrepreneurs as individuals. The regulation allows everyone to monitor the processing of their own data and to obtain information about them.

We collect information primarily to better serve our customers. The funding provider also requires the collection of information, such as lists of participants at events. In the processing of personal data, we follow the practices of the City of Raahe.

Privacy statement

The statement describes the purpose of the data register, who is responsible for its maintenance, what data is collected and on what basis, for how long the data is stored, and what and how the data can be viewed and edited.

Updating the statement

The privacy practices were updated on 31 January 2020. The following changes have since been made to the document:

  • Accessibility correction on 7 December 2020.
  • A section on cookies was deleted on 15 August 2022, up-to-date information on cookies has been moved to a separate page.