Is your goal to stay in the competition or to get well ahead of everyone else? Our help ensures that you invest your valuable time and money in the right measures and get the most out of public subsidies.

Growth as a company

Nothing is as certain as change. The need to develop operations may be due to the environment, the economy, customers, product development or even legislation. We provide advice on all your business development needs to help you achieve the desired results.

We help with:

  • investigating and applying for funding options
  • assessing the profitability of investments
  • developing business profitability and sales
  • creation and development of quality and management systems
  • personnel and recruitment questions
  • developing service and production processes
  • networking
  • identifying competence needs

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Business development 

Jussi, tel. +358 408 303 018  
jussi.kemila [at]  

Riitta, tel. +358 408 303 198  
riitta.palosaari [at]
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