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The success of our customers is the most important indicator of our success, too. Everything we do is aimed at promoting well-being and growth through the development of the business life in our region.

Raahe Region Development

Flow to Business!

We help boost business life in the entire Raahe sub-region by giving things an extra kick, removing obstacles from your way and streamlining operations.

  • Our business services cover all stages from the first raw idea to growing into a multinational group. Every customer is equally important to us and no matter is too small or too big to solve together.
  • In regional development, we support the strengths of our region and help new sectors to grow by utilising networks and offering training. Promoting the region's business life covers the local, national and international level.
  • Relocation services make it as easy as possible for companies to move to the area. We help you find answers to all your questions and get access to the right circles.
  • Our network is extensive, making top expertise available to our customers. We help you find the right party to help and provide contacts.
  • Visit Raahe, which develops regional tourism, is part of Raahe Region Development.


Raahe Region Development is a cooperative organisation in the Raahe sub-region consisting of the municipalities of Pyhäjoki and Siikajoki as well as the City of Raahe. Development work is carried out together with regional authorities, decision-makers and companies. The tools include different projects and national development programmes.

The work of the head of the organisation is guided by the regional team, which includes the mayor of Raahe and the municipal managers of Pyhäjoki and Siikajoki. Legally, the organisation acts as the central administration unit of the City of Raahe under the responsibility of the Development Committee and complies with the city's administrative regulation.