For media

We are happy to share information on business matters in the Raahe sub-region. Please get in touch!


Our whole personnel is available to be contacted by the media and, if necessary, we help to reach the right parties in our extensive network to share information on topical issues.

A large part of the development work is carried out through various projects. The descriptions and contact persons of all ongoing projects can be found on the project-specific pages.

News channels

You can find the news channel of Raahe regional development on ePress where we publish press invitations and press releases.

On the front page of the Finnish site, you can find the newsroom, event calendar, sales ads for plots and premises and job listings which are open to all companies and other actors related to the region's business life operating in the Raahe region. You can submit your own notification to all of these directly via the website.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you receive a regular e-mail summary of news and events in the region. The newsletter is published in Finnish.

Logo versions

We have two colour versions of the logo which can be downloaded from the page as png files. In official contexts, we prefer to use the colourful shape (green background with a gold edge). If you need the logo in black, white or for printed materials, please contact yrityspalvelut [at]

In English, we are known as Raahe Region Development and our slogan is “Flow to Business".